Wines and Liquors

We are proud to stock over 75 kinds of Vodka including Grey Goose ®, Stolichnaya ®, Kettel One ®. We stock the popular Fireball ® and other flavored liquors. We also offer full range of scoth whisky, bourbon, cognac, tequilla and rum for your convenience at our wine and liquor store in Oceanside NY.

On our high end we offer Johnny Walker ® Blue and Platinum, Macallan ® 18 year old, Chivas 21 ®, Hennessey XO ®, Remy Martin XO ®

Our wine selction covers every country, grape and price range from top champagnes like Pommery ® and Louis Roederer Krystal ®, Dom Perignon ® and Bollinger to the best priced every day wines. In white wines, we stock Rutherford Ranch ®, Cavit ® Pinot Grigio, Robert Mondavi Private Selection ® and Red Wines such as Chalk Hill Merlot ®, Ruffino Gold ®, Alpha Omega ®. Every drink you can imagine as gifts for the serious connoisuer.

We have a huge selection of accessible wines for everyday drinking starting at $5.99 upwards, with well known marques like Yellowtail ®, Barefoot ®, Relax ®.

We are also building our selection of organic wines and no sulfite wines from brands like Naked Earth ® and Pacific Redwood ®.

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